Best Guitar Brands in India

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When looking for a product such as an electronic machine or say a guitar, it is more likely that you would go for the best or most popular brand. Below are some of the best guitar brands in India in brief descriptions, with links leading to their respective products.

Best Guitar Brands In India

Epiphone Guitars

Epiphone_Logo-best guitar brandsThis is an American based company that is involved in the manufacture of not only guitars but also other musical instruments such as banjos, amplifiers, mandolins effect units and much more. It was established back in +1873 and has its head quarters in Tennessee USA. The brand is not only well established in India, but also produces its products and services to the global market. You can click on the below link to view some guitar models by Epiphone.

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Cort Guitars

cort_logo best guitar brandsThis is another guitar brand that is quite famous in India and among the best. It is based in South Korea, with the company specializing in the manufacture of bass, acoustic, and electric guitars. The company was founded by a person with the name Jack Westheimer and currently trades its products and services in the global market. Cort CR230BK and Cort X-I RD are just some of the guitar models by the brand. You can get more information on such products by clicking on the link below.

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Fender Guitars

fender-logoThe company is officially known as Fender musical Instrument Corporation. (FMIC) and deals with manufacture of stringed instruments and other musical implements such as amplifiers. It has its headquarters in Scottsdale, Arizona, USA and has a global market for its products and services. It has in recent times established a quite a huge market influence in India as a guitar brand with awesome guitar models such as fender FA – 100 among others. More details can be found by clicking the following link:

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Ibanez Guitars

ibanez-logoIbanez is a Japanese based guitar brand that is owned by Hishino Gakki. It is based in Japan and has its products and services on the global market. Apart from guitars, they also deal with manufacture of amplifiers, effect units and mandolins. Examples of guitar models from Ibanez include Ibanez RGTR27E-BK, just to name a few. It has managed to achieve a big influence in the Indian market as one of the best guitar brands. More about products from the brand can be found on:

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Yamaha Guitars

yamahaYamaha is a multinational corporation and conglomerate that deals with a variety of products and services that have a huge influence in the global market. It is based in Japan and has over the years gained a huge deal of impact in the Indian market for guitars and musical instruments. Guitars models such as YahahaF310 are products of the Japanese based company. To find more details on similar Yamaha guitars, click on the below link.

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These are the 5 best guitar brands in India. You will notice that the links lead you to guitar products that are either categorized as acoustic or electric guitar. You can always choose the one that best suits your needs.

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