Best Acoustic Guitars in India for 2018

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best acoustic guitarsAll great guitar players, at some point in their lives, started at an acoustic guitar. Whether it’s nylon classical or steel-string acoustic, the experience of holding one for the first time is always a happy and good memory. It lets you recall one good thing that you did in life: how you started on your guitar playing journey. In this article we’ll help you find the best acoustic guitar according to your needs.

As you start to learn more about the tricks and curves of playing the acoustic guitar, there would be several factors that you need to understand better. And as you reach a more advanced level of playing, the more technicalities you’ll have to face. But don’t fret: playing the guitar is fun and not that hard once you put your heart and soul into it.

Develop your skills by considering some questions. Start with what type of genre you’re getting into. It will then be your guide from which books to buy, to who are the best teachers (with the expertise in your chosen genre) to deal with.

One of the most important things that people overlook is what type of acoustic guitar they should be using. This article will give you the facts, as well as the pros and cons, of the best acoustic guitar models around. Whether you are just starting out, or even if you’re already a professional musician, this list will help you make a wise decision.

Best Acoustic Guitar Buying Tips

NOTE:  Generally, there are three main questions that you have to ask when you start to look for that best guitar for you:

1. How much are you willing to spend?

What is your price range? How much money are you willing to spend? This is important to nail down before you go down into the store. If you are getting it online, you should check out the price of the guitar you like and its reviews on the internet for your reference, so you won’t end up owning a guitar that you don’t actually want.

Always spend as much money as you can on a good quality acoustic guitar upfront. The higher end guitars are expensive because of its quality, and much more work and labor have been given to the instrument. But you should also take note that not all expensive guitars are good. You should really take a good look and feel on it before making any decision.

A more expensive guitar can sound nice, depending on the brand and it can also inspire you to sit down and give more practice hours for your guitar playing skill.

2. What style of music do you want to play?

What tone are you going for? Country? Folk? Rock? Pop? All these questions are added up for you to be able to understand what guitar you are purchasing. The choice of genre or style will help you find a suitable guitar for yourself.

There are tons of the Jumbo or Dreadnaught the Concert Styles. Bigger guitars are going to sound bassy and fuller. On the other hand, smaller guitars will provide a brighter and more mid-ranged tone. With that said, it falls on the style of music you are going into.

3. What is your stature?

How tall or big are you? It is also important to consider your size; the concert body style fits smaller people. It also helps them play with more comfort and ease rather than bigger ones, which would be difficult for a small person to strum and have their arms rested properly on the guitar. While the bigger

Dreadnaught guitars fit large folks perfectly and have lots of low-end sounds, much thicker and purposely really good on playing rhythm. Stature doesn’t really concern your playing, comfortability does, and if you’re comfortable with a guitar and likes its soun, then it is the one for you.

Best Acoustic Guitars in India – Reviews

With all that said, below are affordable, quality and 10 best acoustic guitars in India:

1. Taylor 214ce Deluxe Grand Auditorium – Natural, Rosewood Back & Sides

Taylor 214ce Deluxe Grand Auditorium - Natural, Rosewood Back & Sides

Tl;Dr : This is by far the best acoustic guitar out there. The only downside is it’s too expensive.

Now to understand more about the Taylor 214ce, let me talk about the size and stature of this guitar. This is a concert series guitar size, perfectly fit for small to medium statured folks. The Taylor 214ce Deluxe has a solid Sitka Spruce Top.

It also has a layered rosewood on the side and back on both outside and inside of the guitar. The neck is mahogany that gives a smooth feel and makes a very strong neck. The fingerboard is ebony that contrasts with the mahogany color.

The tone of this guitar is a mid-range with a brilliant low register tone fit for folk music, country, and even pop. This is a good guitar to start with and even to be played professionally in a live-gig or studio recordings.

Con(s): This model is too expensive, so if you’re just a beginner, you could always check out much affordable ones before moving on (and are ready for professional playing) to this kind of guitar.

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2. Taylor Baby – Taylor Mahogany Acoustic Guitar NaturalTaylor Baby - Taylor Mahogany Acoustic Guitar Natural

The Baby Taylor Mahogany acoustic is a compact 3 quarter sized dreadnaught acoustic guitar that lets you play wherever and whenever you want. This is perfect for both kids and adults who love to travel, as what it is made purposely for. The guitar is made up of mahogany for the top and layered Sapele on the side and body.

Surprisingly this guitar is loud compared to its size. The tone of the guitar is quite bright and can cut through noisy places easily. Indeed, this is a quality small travel acoustic guitar for both beginners and experts on the road.

Con(s): The baby Taylor Mahogany acoustic doesn’t quite fit bigger
statured folks because of its small size. It’s also quite expensive on a
small standard guitar.

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3. Martin LXM Little Martin Acoustic Guitar

Martin LXM Little Martin Acoustic Guitar

The Martin LXM is a little campfire guitar made for travel. This guitar is very cool and easy to carry. It has a spruce high-pressure laminate top back and sides. The guitar has tons of volume appropriate for its size and is fun and easy to carry around, especially for small framed people. This iconic brand-guitar is perfect for camping playing bluegrass and country style music. Having said that the guitar is quite sturdy and tough. Recommended for kids and for family travels.

Con(s): The thing with this guitar is that, it doesn’t quite fit a large statured person. The price is quite expensive too.

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4. Yamaha Classical Guitar C40//02

Yamaha Classical Guitar C40//02

If you’re just starting to play the guitar and classical guitar music has got you intrigued, then Yamaha C40 classical guitar is for you. The Yamaha classical guitar has a Spruce Top and a layered Meranti wood on the body. The guitar is surprisingly light and sturdy. The neck has a dovetail joint in it that perfectly secures the string with the head through the body.

This guitar is basically for beginners and has nylon strings in it, perfect for building up physical strength on the hands for beginner guitar players. This is a highly recommended affordable classical guitar.

Con(s): This guitar will definitely work for beginners but if you’re
already on the advance classical guitar playing phase, you would
definitely demand more volume and more tone quality. The Yamaha C40
just wouldn’t cut through the sound and is poor on volume and wood

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5. Taylor GS Mini Koa

Taylor GS Mini-e Koa

This is a small and wonderful small guitar that tells a big story. It has a solid koa top and layered koa on the back and side.  This small guitar makes playing chords easy and is visually stunning.

Plus, it also has a really brilliant sound on high-end frequencies. The scale length is 23.5 inches, making it very easy to carry around.  You can see another model of this same guitar, the difference is, it is bundled with Electronic pickups: the Taylor GS Mini-e Koa. The guitar is perfect for kids and travel.

Con(s): The Taylor GS Mini Koa performance is overall very impressive, but if you are on a budget, the guitar poses as a really expensive one. You
could easily get cheaper ones that could provide good quality tone and
volume that would suffice the need of a beginning player.

Overall, these guitars vary in price and affordability. The list of the best acoustic guitars around here consists of good quality guitars flexible on everyone’s budget.

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6. Yamaha F310 Acoustic Guitar

Yamaha F310 Acoustic Guitar

Let’s talk about the Yamaha F310 acoustic guitar. This is one of the best selling guitars because of it’s low cost and is a favorite of beginners.

Yamaha is a company that has produced high-quality instruments and has done it again for a budget-friendly, entry-level guitar with a good performance.Yamaha F310 is a dreadnaught guitar that has a lot of warm sound on low-end register tone, but still retains a good bright tone on the high register strings.

The F310 can give you a full tone with plenty of volumes. It is an ideal guitar for a progressing player. The comfortable body has a clean articulate sound. Its neck is comfortable, and the action is quite low, making it easier to hold down the strings. The Yamaha F310 is a perfect guitar for practicing and honing your guitar playing skills.

Con(s): The Yamaha F310 suffices the need of a starting out guitar player,
but the only thing with this guitar is that the top wood is quite thin
and could easily crack if you are not really careful on where you
place and handle it.

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7. Juarez Acoustic Guitar, 38 Inch Cutaway, 038C With Bag, Strings, Pick And Strap, Black

Juarez Acoustic Guitar, 38 Inch Cutaway, 038C With Bag, Strings, Pick And Strap, Black

The Juarez Acoustic Guitar 38 Inch Cutaway made our list not because it’s best out there but because it pretty popular among beginners, is one of the best guitars for beginner players. The Fender Cd-60SCE has a good Linden wood binding on the body, neck, back, and side. This guitar is awesomely good without any amplification and a plus points for good aesthetics. It’s a decent guitar that features a single- cutaway for easy upper-fret access. This guitar is really affordable; definitely a good deal for a decent guitar.

Con(s): The only concern for this guitar is the tone and volume laminated wood doesn’t really produce brilliance and volume, but if you are just starting out, this would definitely work on a budget.

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8. Yamaha FS-100C, 6-String Acoustic Steel Guitar

Yamaha FS-100C, 6-String Acoustic Steel Guitar

The Yamaha FS-100C, 6-String Acoustic Steel Guitar has a really good feel. It has a Mahogany neck, Laminated spruce top, tonewood back and Agathis wood sides. The guitar really sounds rich and will definitely be a beginners guitar. This is a bang in the buck should we say, because of its affordability and playability.

Con(s): The over all play-ability of this guitar is enough for a beginner. The
only thing with this guitar is that the neck is quite chunky, and it
wouldn’t feel comfortable on the hands on the first few times you hold

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9. Kadence Frontier Series Acoustic Guitar

Kadence Frontier Series Acoustic Guitar

The Kadence Frontier Series Acoustic Guitar perfect for a beginning guitar player. It features a Rosewood fretboard, Rosewood bridge, and a  laminated Spruce on the top, back and sides. This guitar’s quality is really good; the sound and tone packs quite a volume and is really affordable on par with its quality and affordability.

Con(s): The only concern with this guitar is its durability, as the overall structure is quite brittle and could easily break if you are not really careful with it.

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10. Fender Dreadnought Acoustic Guitar (Natural)

Fender Dreadnought Acoustic Guitar

Let’s check out the Fender Dreadnought Acoustic Guitar. This guitar is also well-known because of its classic Dreadnought look. The guitar is mainly built for much larger statured folks and packs quite a volume.

The guitar has a laminated mahogany top and spruce on the back and sides, the neck is built with rosewood and has a good bracing on the body capable of producing the natural wood sound of a guitar. This guitar is a must-have for beginning and intermediate players and would provide satisfaction and ease of use.

Con(s): The thing with the Fender Dreadnaught is that it doesn’t look quite
good on much smaller statured folks and is quite heavy for the
youngster who are starting out to play the guitar.

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So that’s it. I hope you found this article useful and it help helped you in finding the best acoustic guitar you’ve been looking for.