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Planning to buy an acoustic or electric guitar in India? You are at the right place! We’ll help you find the perfect guitar for you from our review of best guitars in India.

best guitars in india is the best guitar review site in India to help guitar players find the best acoustic guitar or best electric guitar in India. No matter if you are a beginner guitar player or a seasoned one, the guitars that you find on are all handpicked by our team of guitar professionals with experience ranging from 5 years to 21 years for the most experienced one. So you can 100% sure about the guitars we’ve reviewed on this site.

Every minute detail was taken into consideration while selecting the guitar for the Best Guitars list including sound quality, make of the body, string quality, fret quality, durability and brand of the guitar. Apart from these the general user ratings and feedback on various online guitar stores were also taken into consideration.

Following is our complete aggregated list of best guitars in India. Visit each page to find the best guitars our experts have picked for you.

Buying guide to find the best guitar:

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The most important factor that will influence your learning of guitar is the first guitar that you purchase. As you start learning guitar you’ll have to start from scratch and learn everything from the beginning. So you’ll not want a crappy guitar to ruin your journey even before you start. Nothing turns off a beginner more than a crappy instrument that is really painful to play.

Buying your first guitar can really be a hectic task if don’t know what to look for.  You can easily be lost in the pool of brands and styles of guitar. But there is nothing to worry about as on this page I’ll guide you to through the process of purchasing your very first guitar.

NOTE: When Buying From A Local Store – If possible take your friend along with you to the store who already plays guitar as he/she can help you out on a personal level when buying a guitar.

Some things that should be should be kept in mind when you buy a guitar are :

  1. Your Style – Know your style of music that you are wishing to play on the guitar. There are many genre of music like rock, blues, jazz etc., so you should first know what you’ll be playing on guitar. This is important as no one would buy an acoustic guitar if he/she wish to play rock. Take your time knowing your style, as there is nothing to be hurried for.
  2. Price – You don’t need to empty you pockets in order to get a good piece of guitar. Guitars these days start out from as low as Rs.3000(in India) or I think a couple of hundred dollars. Obviously the more you can afford the better piece of instrument you can get. And remember that, better the guitar you own, longer you’ll have it. Know your budget before going to the music store and if possible ask your friends who already play guitar to get a rough idea on price to quality ratio of the guitar in your locality.
  3. Brand – There are a lot of guitar brands to choose from these days. It is good to do some research on different brands before buying. Every big guitar brand has a website. You can visit them to get idea on different designs and specifications of guitar and choose the one that suits you.
  4. Design and Colour – This may not seem to be that important as playability and sound are far more important aspects than design and colour. But if you are planning to possess a guitar for a long time and will take it with yourself wherever you go, you’ll not want it to look like shit. There are different designs and colours to choose from, select your favourite and don’t let the salesman overpower your decision as you are the one who is finally going to have the guitar and not him.
  5. Workmanship — Look for obvious flaws, like: poor finish, jagged edged frets, machine heads that squeak and don’t turn properly etc.
  6. Straight Neck – Hold the guitar in front of eyes so that you have a nice look of the neck. It should be straight without any bends, twists or warp. If you find it with any of these deformities leave it and look for another piece.
  7. Height of Strings – Look at the distance between fret-board and the strings. This distance is also called action of a guitar. Neglect guitars with large actions.
  8. Tone – Tone of the guitar should be good. This means that when you strike a note it should ring clear and the sound should fade after some time. If you don’t hear the notes clearly or the sound fades very quickly then there is some problem with the guitar. Leave it as you’ll probably never get it sound good.
  9. Playability – This is one the most important factors while buying a guitar. When you hold the guitar how does it feel? Are you comfortable with sliding your hands up and down the neck? Do you feel comfortable when holding the guitar? Can you get some kind of good vibe for the guitar? Would you feel the same even after one, two or three years from buying? Ask these questions to yourself when holding the guitar you want to buy. If you get positive response from inside you then you are ready to buy your first ever guitar!!!

Other Things To Keep In Mind :

  1. Have patience when buying a guitar as you will not want to end up buying a bad guitar.
  2. If buying offline, don’t let the salesman intimidate you. Be calm and think twice before making any decision.
  3. Get your friend who already plays guitar with you to the store as he can look for minute details which you may not able to look for in first place.
  4. Research well, either on the brand websites or with your friends before you go to a store for buying the guitar.

These are some of my personal tips for buying a guitar, either from an offline store or online.

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